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MDA President Message March 2019

Dear esteemed MDA members,

Greetings from the council of Malaysian Dental Association ( MDA ). Though belated, allow me to take this opportunity to wish everyone a healthy, joyous and prosperous New Year 2019 as we are cruising into Q2 2019.


26th MDA Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition ( SCATE 2019)



The MDA kick started the new financial year with a big bang in the recently concluded 26th MDA Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition ( SCATE 2019) , held from 18-20 January 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre , Kuala Lumpur. The annual congress with the theme “A lifetime of Oral Health for All”, was well attended with participation of close to 3000 people from our own country and abroad.

The MDA council would like to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all concerned for their expressed support, guidance and inspiration for this majestic conference. Our sincere gratitude goes to our distinguished guest speakers who selflessly share their knowledge and insights with us, a truly compassionate and unstinting act for the betterment of our beloved profession. Not forgetting our heartfelt appreciation to our trade partners in the dental industries, who have been important partners in all events organized by the MDA. Their generous support, as well as close collaboration with the MDA, are deeply appreciated.

The organizing committee under the able leadership of Dr Mas Syuralis, comprised of a group of wonderful members coming from all parts of the country. They clocked hundreds of hours of hard work, just to ensure a well-planned and smooth running event was presented to the delegates. They had successfully amalgamated a host of 14 top-notch renowned international speakers as well as 11 proven local ones in this exceptional platform to exchange dialogue, and to share ideas as well as insights.

Throughout the three days of Congress, current evidence and development in dentistry covering almost all disciplines in dentistry were well addressed. I believe this Congress had provided sound knowledge and foundation to our delegates to cope with future challenges, hence offering opportunities in providing quality and evidence-based treatment to the public.

Once again, Kudos to the organising committee for a splendid accomplishment.

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2019


Once again, we are celebrating the World Oral Health Day on 20th Mac 2019!

The council of MDA would like to welcome all of you to celebrate the World Oral Health Day, together with us.

This celebration is truly significant and of value to us as an association, for the Malaysian Dental Association, being a member of the World Dental Federation ( FDI) , takes part on this global movement to spread the good news of oral health, being the integral part of our general health.

It is indeed an honour to us as oral health care providers that oral health is given such significant recognition that the day of awareness has been marked in the calendar globally.

This year, the theme for WOHD is set by the FDI as “ Say Ahh: Act on mouth health”.

I take this opportunity to share with you on the objectives of this auspicious celebration:

  1. Motivate people to take action to protect their oral health at all stages of life, by adopting good oral hygiene habits and addressing risk factors.
  2. . Drive people to have regular dental check-ups to help in the prevention, early detection and treatment of oral diseases and recognize it as an essential step in safeguarding overall health.
  3. Position oral health professionals as gatekeepers to good overall health who educate their patients on how to prevent, manage and treat oral diseases and help them understand the benefits to their overall health and well-being.
  4. Secure commitment from policymakers to address the oral disease burden and integrate oral health into policies addressing other diseases.

On this note, to all esteemed members of MDA, I urge all of you to share the good news of WOHD with your patients, to raise their awareness on the importance of oral health being an integral of general well-being.

Together, we support the objectives of World Oral Health Day!

MIDEC 2019



The MDA Council has been bold to make a decision to secure Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC ) as the event venue of our annual conventions for three consecutive years, starting from January 2019.

I am pleased to announce that President Elect Dr Leong Kei Joe is tasked to lead the Organising Committee of MIDEC 2019, the 6th version of the very much awaited largest dental meet in Malaysia, scheduled to be held in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, on 11-14 July 2019.

The organising committee aspires to bring MIDEC 2019, themed “Tomorrow's Dentistry Today”, to a greater height in the international arena, to play a prominent leading role in the fast changing landscape of continuing professional education in Dentistry.

MIDEC has been a nexus for all dental healthcare professionals to debate and exchange experiences and insights. In addition, this Congress being a recognized platform for sharing the latest development and innovations in Dentistry, provides delegates with great opportunities to source for the latest dental products and services in the trade exhibition.

The organizing committee has been clocking hours of hard work to bring in distinguished renowned speakers from abroad. They are Dr Stanley Malamed, Profession Dr Richard Welbury, Dr Steve Wallace, Dr Chris Chang, Dr Mario Zuolo, Dr Minas Leventis, Dr Alexandra Aalam and Dr Steve Wang. Additionally, there is also a line-up of our proven local ones to share with us their insights in their fields of specialities.

Dear esteemed members, i urge you to keep abreast on the updates in our website. Please do mark out the dates on your calendars and make early travelling plans for MIDEC 2019. I sincerely look forward to your participation in MIDEC2019

The Yardstick of Professionalism

Dear colleagues,

The dental profession holds a special position of trust and respect within community. This continued faith in the profession is dependent on the recognition and commitment of individual practitioner in adhering to the highest ethical standard of professional conduct. The profession commits to uphold and maintain the standard and obligations set out in the Code of Professional Conduct. Hippocrates had laid down a code of ethics as early as 400 B.C. as he realized the public can only benefit from the services provided by the dental profession if it is practised ethically.

The Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), while being evolving, is not exhaustive to articulate all ethical obligations. It is not a substitute to legislation but an expression of specific type of conduct that are either required or prohibited. The primary aim is to:

  1. safeguard the interest of the patients,
  2. promote the welfare of the community, and
  3. maintain the honour and integrity of the dental professional, all of which are also the aspirational goals of the profession.

The broad principle of ethics provides guidance and offer justification, some of which may be overlapping and competing. Being a set of documents that defines the standards of conduct, performance and ethics that govern the dental professional, it specifies the principles, standards and guidance which are applicable to all members of the profession. In addition, It also sets out the expectations from the patients to the services provided by the practitioners.

Dental professionals should possess reasonably sound knowledge, skill and technical competency. In addition, one should also exhibit traits of character in personal & professional behaviour that foster adherence to enhance ethical principles, for examples honesty, trustworthy, compassion, kindness, integrity, fairness and charity. Disregard and failure to meet the standard prescribed by CPC can potentially harm patients, bring disrepute to the profession and eventually lead one to disciplinary proceedings.

Dear colleagues,

The CPC endorsed by MDC has three main components in relation to

  • Obligation and Responsibility of a practitioner to the patients, the profession and the society.
  • Practice Management where the establishment of practice requires a practitioner to abide by the laws and regulations impacting his work. This will include but not limited to the registration with other regulatory bodies, safety and health, employment, personal data protection, as well as human rights.
  • Infamous Conduct. In one judgement delivered in 1930, Lord Justice Scrutton stated “ Infamous conduct is a professional respect means no more than serious misconduct judges according to the rules, written or unwritten, governing the profession.”

The CPC should be used as a yardstick for own conduct and behaviour, and read in conjunction with current guidelines set by MDC. The guidelines are there to assist us to meet the standards. The dental profession is expected to follow the guidelines in making professional judgment, to demonstrate wisdom at all times and be able to justify any decision that is not in line with the guidelines. Any serious or persistent failure to adhere to the guidelines may see one facing the Malaysian Dental Council for disciplinary proceedings.

In resolving any ethical problem not explicitly covered by the CPC, one should consider the ethical principles, the needs and interests of the patients, and any other applicable guideline and laws. Lastly, members of the profession are reminded that the laws shall take precedence should there be a conflict, as the CPC, being impossible to be exhaustive, is never a substitute to legislation.

Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Malaysian Dental Association


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