Message from the MDA President June 2017

Message from the MDA President June 2017


Dear Esteemed MDA Members,

Greetings from the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA).

It gives me great pleasure to pen my inaugural message to you, in my capacity as the President of MDA. I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish all our Muslim members “Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri” when the celebration begins in the month of Syawwal. And to everyone else, I hope the third and fourth quarters of year 2017 are productive and fulfilling ones.

I would like to congratulate and welcome all members of MDA who are appointed following an election process in the recently concluded 74th MDA AGM, held on 18th June 2017 in the MDA office. I am pleased to announce the lineup of my council and standing committee as below:

The MDA Council 2017/2018


Dr Ng Woan Tyng

Immediate Past President

Dr John Ting Sii Ong

President Elect

Dr Ng Woan Tyng

Immediate Past President

Dr Chow Kai Foo

President Elect

Dr Leong Kei Joe

Honorary General Secretary

Dr Siow Ang Yen

Assistant Honorary General Secretary

Dr Lim CHiew Wooi

Honorary Financial Secretary

Dr Eileen Koh Mei Yen

Assistant Honorary Financial Secretary

Dr Angie Wong Chin Mee

Honorary Publication Secretary

Dr Mas Suryalis bt Ahmad

Elected Council Member

Prof Dr David Ngeow Wei Chong

Elected Council Member

Dr Ng Ben Chuan

Elected Council Member

Dr Naseem Banu Sadrudeen

Appointed Council Member

Prof Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Hassan

Appointed Council Member

Mej. Jen. Dato’(Dr) Mohd Ilham bin Hj Haron

Appointed Council Member

Dr Nurul Syakirin bt Abdul Shukor

Appointed Council Member

Dr Rasidah bt Ayob

Appointed Council Member


MDA EZ Chairman

Dr James Chhloa Jau Min

MDA EZ Secretary

Dr Sim Wei Sann

MDA NZ Chairman

Dr Tan Sock Hooi

MDA NZ Secretary

Dr Tan Hooi San

MDA SZ Chairman

Dr Zeo Lee Wei Zin

MDA SZ Secretary

Dr Lim Kiat Lin

Internal Auditor

Dr Hu Chang Lek

Internal Auditor

Dr John Ting Sii Ong


Datuk Dr Lakshmanan Nachiappan

Deputy Speaker

Datuk Dr Khairiyah bt Abd Muttalib

Standing Committee

1. PCBC Committee


Dr Darren Yap Yoke Yong

Deputy Chairman

Dr Shashitaran Sadacharan

Elected Members

Prof Phrabhakaran Nambiar

Dr Shubon Sinha Roy

Dr Mohamad Muzafar bin Hamirudin

Appointed Members

Dr Chow Kai Foo

Dr Jasprit Kaur A/P Nirmal Singh

Dr Alex Lo Arn Loong

2. MDA Property Board of Trustee


Dr Neoh Gim Bok


Dr Teh Tat Beng


Dr Mary Soo Wai Kuan

Elected Members

Dato Dr Yim Khai Kee

Dato Dr Sivanesan Sivalingam

Dr Neoh Ein Yau

Appointed Members

Dr Darren Yap Yoke Yong

Dr Mohamad Muzafat bin Hamirudin

3. Election Committee


Dr Malliga A/P Vadiveloo

Deputy Chairman

Datuk Dr Teo Choo Kum

Elected Members

Dr Rani Panadam

Dr Ahmad Termizi bin Zamzuri

Dr Martin Arulanandam

Dr Hetal Ashwin Kumar

Dr Jaswant Singh A/L Jagat Singh

4. Disciplinary Enquiry Board


Dr Paul Lee Chu Kob

Deputy Chairman

Dr Haja Badrudeen bin Sirajudeen


Dr Jaspall Singh A/L Ajit Singh

Dear members, the MDA has done very well in the past years and I pledge to continue and expand upon the good work of the past councils to advance the interests of our members and the profession as a whole.

I intend to build upon this success with the following aspirations:

  1. To maintain the financial stability of MDA unabated.
  2. To focus on shaping the leadership capacity at all levels, including the zones, and to ensure membership in council and associated position is granted on the strict basis of merit and capabilities.
  3. Engage strongly and meaningfully with all the stakeholders in the profession, especially the affiliate associations.
  4. Guard the best interest and rights of the profession in this challenging era of the eminent passing the new Dental Bill to replace The Dental Act 1971, and the enforcement of new acts that have bearing upon the dental profession. Direct greater attention and deliberation in addressing the pressing issues of policy and regulatory guidelines in an intelligent and effective manner.
  5. To improve the benefit to our members in our dental conferences through smart management of CPD programs.Almost all of us are aware that the CPD point system is well under way. The Dental Bill 2016 is very likely to be tabled to the Parliament. I must again emphasize the importance of attending CPE courses whenever there is an opportunity as eventually it will play an important role in obtaining the Annual Practicing Certificate.
  6. Enhance the public image of the MDA.

My esteemed members, even with half a century plus 4 years behind me, I am still excited to be grabbing the bull by its horns. As I believe in nurturing of talents and I value teamwork, as well as the significance of being observant, forward-looking, innovative and versatile, I will certainly adapt and work with different people from the stakeholders. We were once weakened in our finance but we are now strong and we prevail. Today, I say to you, the challenges we once faced are real. They are many and serious. They will not be met easily in a short span of time. Let faith and ethics guide us through issues and situations. We shall put aside all differences and focus in serving the objectives of our beloved association.

In affirming the greatness of our association, we have to understand that greatness is never given. It must be earned, and there is no short cuts or settling for less. The MDA council members are risk takers, the doers and the makers. Guided by these principles, we can certainly meet these new challenges that demand even greater efforts, co operations and understanding among all stake holders. With hope and virtue, we shall seek a new way forward, based on mutual respects and interest.

Serving together with you,

Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Malaysian Dental Association


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