Message from the MDA President October 2017

Message from the MDA President October 2017


Dear Esteemed MDA Members,

Greetings from the council of Malaysian Dental Association ( MDA) .

It has been eventful and challenging to the council of MDA, as we cruise towards the end of Q4 2017. As a non governmental organisation, the MDA council is ever ready to listen, adapt, and change. Building upon the mutual understanding and trust, as well as the marvelous collaborations we have established thus far, an organization culture that motivates and improves performances and productivity is being established. With the evolving transformation especially in the technology and skills as well as advocacy in the healthcare arena, the membership of our association must remain cohesively strong, active and vibrant to help shaping her future directions. Together we will operationalise our mission to lead the association to continuing financial stability and sustainable growth.

Approval of constitutional amendments by the Registrar of Society (ROS) on 3rd October 2017

I am delighted to announce that all amendments in the MDA Constitution resolved by the house in the recently concluded AGM 2017 have been approved by the Registrar of Society (ROS). Kindly find below the link to download the updated version 2017 for your perusal.

MIDEC 2018


Visits to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam & Kathmandu, Nepal

Over the course of the last three months, my role as MDA President has brought me to two other countries where I have been impressed by the dedication and commitment of the enthusiastic members of the National Dental Associations.

The details of the visits as follows:

1) The 8th Dental Conference of Ho Chi Minh city Odonto Stomatological Association (HOSA), held on 9-10 November 2017 at Windsor Plaza Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I also managed to renew the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with HOSA. The signing of the MOU in the opening ceremony, witnessed by the Guest of Honor, reflected the mutual trust and confidence in the relationship that the two associations have built up over the last 5 years. It also brought meaningful milestone many years of friendship between the MDA and HOSA. Also in attendance were the President Elect Dr Leong Kei Joe, Past President Dr Chow Kai Foo, Brigadier General Datin Dr Roza , Past President cum FICD Section XV President Dato Dr How Kim Chuan, all of whom were the invited guest speakers for the scientific congress.

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2) International Dental Congress Nepal-2017, held on 11-12 November 2017 at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Nepal.


Dental Bill 2017

The long overdue new Dental Bill 2017 may be tabled for reading in the Parliament soon. We have seen the MDA involved in some significant advocacy and campaigns that have made the mark on the dental landscape. My sincere appreciation to the past presidents and their council members who played vital role in the drafting of the bill since 2010. On this note, I would like to bring your kind attention to the fact that compulsory CPD points is one of the requirements in the Annual Practising Certificate (APC) renewal under the new Dental Bill. We are the professionals whom are expected to demonstrate and exhibit a particular set of skills in our chosen field, and the validity of our expertise can only be maintained by ongoing training throughout the course of our career.

MDA CPD Programme

The upcoming 25th MDA Scate 2018, to be held in the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) is an annual congregation of leaders and professionals in Dentistry and health care. This premier conference presents a niche nexus to access to cutting edge insights, exchange ideas, network, express thoughts and debate issues that has bearing on our profession. The scientific programme is being revamped and this time the focus is on patient care which commensurate with the MDA advocacy on professionalism should be patient centered, hence the theme “ Bringing medicine back to Dentistry”. The Organising Committee assembled a team of local and foreign speakers to share with you medical problems and emergencies relating to dental practice.

Illegal Dentistry

It is our duties and obligations to uphold the morals and standard of our professionalism. We are expected to be true professionals, be honest, fair, trustworthy, law-abiding and good character.

Under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 (Act 586), dentistry can only be practised at a registered or licensed facility. The practice of dentistry without fulfilling all the criteria as set in the Act 586 will be deemed as the practice of illegal dentistry under section 4(1) of Act 586, which, if a person is found guilty, carries a maximum fine of RM300,000 or jail term not exceeding 6 years or both. I hope all members will take note of this fact.

For the last 10 years,flashing a smile with orthodontic braces is considered a status symbol by the Generation X as well as Generation Y. The young people in our beloved country are not spared in this universal phenomenon. Lately there have been several cases of unregistered people engaging in the placement of orthodontic braces. These procedures are carried out in hotel rooms, beauty salons or homes which were not legally registered facilities. All business advertisements are disseminated online via social media like Facebook, or by word of mouth. Gullible young people have had braces placed by these profit driven people, mainly due to the accessibility and their below par charges. I must say that both the illegal practitioners and their clients are not aware that the infection control in these practices are often compromised hence exposing themselves to the risks of contracting the dangerous infections, for example Hepatitis and HIV infections.

Please find the link to a press statement released on 8 October 2017:

Let it be known that the Malaysian Dental Association shall not tolerate and take these activities lightly. We pledge to go all out to assist the enforcement unit in the Ministry of Health to prosecute these criminals under the law. I would like to take this opportunity to urge all dental practitioners to educate their patients regarding this matter, and assist us to inform the authorities if you know of such practises. Together we can prevent the practice of illegal dentistry.

If you spot an illegal practice, please contact:

Legislation and Enforcement Branch Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia Tel: 03-88834215/4212/4237 Email: [email protected]

Or Malaysia Dental Council Tel: 03-88834217 Email: [email protected]

Or Private Medical Practice Control Branch ( CKAPS) Tel: 03-88831301 Email: [email protected]

On this note, I am delighted to highlight to all my members that a Community Service Responsibility (CSR) project under the leadership of the President Elect Dr Leong Kei Joe, and his dedicated committee will kick start our the battle against the illegal dentistry. This project, tagged along in the upcoming annual scientific event, the 25th MDA Scate 2018, will be launched on 27 January 2018, in a venue sponsored by the Putra World Trade Centre. The theme is “ Fake braces, looks real but not real”. I urge all MDA members to fully support this meaningful CSR project. Together we shall raise the awareness in the illegal Dentistry among the public, for the benefit of mankind.

MDA Statement released on 31st October 2017 on Cyber Attack on the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) Database

On 14 February 2017, CyberSecurity Malaysia and its team, Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), alerted the MDA Council that a report was received from a foreign security organization regarding a possible data breach / stolen data incident that may affect our organization. The content of databases include personally identifiable information (PII) such as email addresses and login credentials.

We were requested to assist in the investigation of the above matter and to reset passwords for the affected machines / users accordingly. In addition, we were requested to forward to the MyCERT any logs or malware/trojan files extracted from the machine in order for them to conduct further analysis.

According to the MyCERT, the hacking appeared to be on the server that hosted the MDA system. As both our programmer and webmaster have no user rights to Remote Desktop Protocols (RDPS) , the MDA took the requisite swift action to change the hosting to a new server provider in March 2017 without waiting for further evidence pertaining to the data breach. Our firewall was also upgraded subsequently.

The recent publication by has proven that the data affected is as at the date 2013-01-21 12:53:39. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ( MCMC ) was alerted by our programmer concurrently, and we have been advised to lodge a police report, which has already been done at the time of publication.

MDA members are advised to regularly reset their own passwords for their log in account to prevent further fraudulent activities. As the MDA Council prioritises the privacy of our members, we will fully support and co-operate with the investigations by the relevant authorities. In the interim, the MDA Council will remain vigilant on this issue concerning the security of members’ data in our servers.

Before I pen off, may I take this opportunity to wish all of you the best in oral health care, and have a blessed as well as blissful Q4.

Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Malaysian Dental Association


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