Dear esteemed MDA members,

Greetings from the MDA councils.

Time flies…. and without realising it, the council 2017/2019 has cruised towards the second year of our term. I must say that it has been eventful and challenging for the MDA councils and committee since our installation in July 2017. I take this golden opportunity to express my sincere heartfelt appreciation to all my council members and committee members for their unwavering support, not forgetting the general membership who has never failed to demonstrate faith to the MDA council thus far.

Looking back at my inaugural message posted in the MDA Newsletter July-September 2017, I would like to, at this point of time, make a brief review in a few fields I mentioned.

Dear esteemed members, the MDA has done very well in the past years and I pledge to continue and expand upon the good work of the past councils to advance the interests of our members and the profession as a whole.


I intend to build upon this success with the following aspirations, and together with my dedicated council members, I humbly urge members to have faith in us and shower us with your blessing and unwavering support:

  1. To maintain the financial stability of MDA.
  2. To focus on shaping the leadership capacity at all levels, including the zones, and to ensure membership in council and associated position is granted on the strict basis of merit and capabilities.
  3. Engage strongly and meaningfully with all the stakeholders in the profession, especially the affiliate associations.
  4. Guard the best interest and rights of the profession in this challenging era of the eminent new Dental Act 2018 (Act 804), and the enforcement of new regulations that have bearing upon the dental profession. Direct greater attention and deliberation in addressing the pressing issues of policy and regulatory guidelines in an intelligent and effective manner.
  5. To improve the benefit to our members in our dental conferences through smart management of CPD programs.
  6. Enhance the public image of the MDA.

As an organisation, the MDA council vow to continue to listen, learn, adapt and change, as well as build upon excellent relationship, collaboration and mutual trust we have established with all stakeholders thus far.

I am honoured to be part of MDA, to help building a motivational culture that supports membership and improves performances and productivity which leads to continuing financial stability and growth of our association.

Approval of constitutional amendments by the Registrar of Society (ROS) on 9 July 2018

I am delighted to announce that all amendments in the MDA Constitution resolved by the house in the recently concluded AGM 2018 on 10 June 2018, have been approved by the Registrar of Society (ROS). Kindly find below the link to download the updated version MDA Constitution 2018 for your perusal.

Dental Act 2018 (Act 804)

Act 804 was finally gazetted on 6 June 2018, two months after its passing in the Parliament on 4 April 2018. The draft regulations was put up on MDA website for engagement by the profession since 24 August 2018. I hope members will take this opportunity to engage actively in giving feedback to us in relation to some pressing issues impacting the practice of Dentistry.

The principles prescribed in Dental Act & Regulations and well reflected in the Codes of Professional Conducts are applicable to a wide variety of circumstances and situations. Adherence and compliance to these principles will enable the dental profession to earn and maintain the respect, trust and esteem of our patients.

On this note, I would like to bring your kind attention to matter deemed important to me:

Application for the Annual Practising Certificate (APC) by dental practitioners MUST be accompanied by continuing professional development (CPD) and evidence of professional indemnity cover, as stated in Act 804, Chapter 3, Practising Certificate Clause 37 (4 )(a) &(4) (b)

The public has a right to expect an acceptable standard of professional excellence and competence from the dental professionals. The dental profession should be able to convince the public that we are implicitly trustworthy in providing service for maintaining and improving their oral health and general wellbeing. We are expected to serve our patients to the best of our abilities and in all time try to maintain the standard of our professional competence, if not lifting the standard up.

In essence, it is our duties and obligations to uphold the morals and standard of our professionalism.

The dental profession is expected to keep abreast with the most appropriate methods of dental procedures, as well as other therapeutic and operative technique throughout the entire duration of our careers. We are the professionals expected to demonstrate a set of skills in our chosen fields, and the validity of our expertise is maintained by ongoing training throughout the course of our careers.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the many ways by which dental profession can maintain & improve on our professional expertise. However, fulfilment of mandatory CPD requirements does not by itself necessary fulfil the practitioner’s ethical obligation to maintain his professional expertise. The value a CPD programme is able to add to a practitioner’s competency must be the primary consideration when one decides to sign up for a CPD programme.

Unethical Advertising

The MDA had been receiving numerous complaints from our members that unethical advertising of dental treatments from dental practitioners in Malaysia is still on the rise. The unethical advertising includes but not limited to giving discounts, promotions, publishing fees for certain dental treatment outside the clinic premises, and hiring companies to obtain third-party referrals by practicing fee splitting just to name a few, which violate both the current Dental Act and the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act. These unethical practices clearly tarnish the image of the profession in the eyes of the public and fellow colleagues with some perceiving them as purely profit oriented and not service orientated.

The MDA Council had previously sent a notice to all our members on 17th January 2018 to remind members on certain sections of the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services (Private Medical Clinics or Private Dental Clinics) Regulation 2006, Code of Professional Conduct and Guidelines & Provisions for Public Information which is regarding fee splitting.

However, to our dismay, we received feedback from some members that they will only comply if there is a notice from the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC). Hence these unethical advertising continue to grow as many perceive that the MDC and the enforcement unit of the Ministry of Health have no issue with this.

Hence, the MDA Council would appreciate if the Malaysian Dental Council undertakes stern proactive action against errant dental practitioners who constantly ignore and violate the Code of Professional Conduct. On this note, I humbly appeal to the President to issue a circular to the practitioners regarding this unethical practice.

MIDEC 2018

I am pleased to present the post show review prepared by the secretary general Dr Chong Zhen Feng

Please also click on the video URL to enjoy the some memorable scenes of our flagship event.

Best regards,

Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Malaysian Dental Association


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