Message from the MDA President December 2018

Message from the MDA President December 2018

Dear esteemed MDA members,

Greetings from the council of Malaysian Dental Association (MDA).

This year 2018, while quickly comes to its end, marks a significant milestone for MDA being the 80th Anniversary of its inception. Though uneventful as far as management is concerned, it has been challenging to the council to ensure the MDA takes pride in her longstanding reputation for her integrity, which is vital for her success as an association. On this note, I am happy to report that with the marvellous collaborations we have established with our stakeholders thus far, the council has strived to operationalize our mission to lead the association to continue financial stability and sustainable growth.

Built upon the mutual understanding and trust among dental fraternity, the organizational culture we have been trying to reinforce has greatly improved the performances of the association. It is heartening to report that the MDA’s good form continues unabated, with the membership demonstrating strong collegiality while remain active and vibrant to help to shape her future directions, and reaching her goals set for the coming years by supporting openness to adaptive change.

MDA CPD Programme


The upcoming 26th MDA Scate 2019, scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is an annual congregation of leaders and professionals in Dentistry and health care. This premier conference presents a niche nexus to access to cutting-edge insights, exchange ideas, network, express thoughts and debate issues that have bearing on our profession. It offers a unique opportunity in hosting a host of top-notch international speakers, as well as proven local ones to make known the advancement in dentistry, benefiting not only the Malaysians but also our delegates from abroad.

The Organising Committee, under the leadership of Dr Mas Syuralis, managed to assemble a team of local and foreign world-renowned speakers to share with us their expertise and insights in clinical dentistry, with emphasis on the use of current advanced and evidence-based technology. In addition, the conference highlights topics on management of patients across the age spectrum, not forgetting those with special healthcare needs.

The scientific programme is again being revamped this time. Themed ‘A lifetime of oral health for all’, the conference this year offers a wide range of lecture topics covering the various fields of dentistry, taking into account the current trends and needs of patients, both in public and private sectors.

26th MDA SCATE 2019 also seeks to introduce new activities specially tailored for dental students as well as young dentists, such as the Intervarsity Debate Competition and the Young Voices. We hope that the variety of programs, lectures, and workshops conducted will benefit the vast majority of individuals within the dental fraternity, not only locally but also from abroad.

I take this opportunity to urge members to be among the first to get the latest news and updates on SCATE 2019 by following us on Facebook. You may also log on for the online registration

On this note, I am delighted to highlight to all esteemed members that a Community Service Responsibility (CSR) project under the leadership of the President-Elect Dr Leong Kei Joe, and his dedicated committee will continue our battle against the illegal Dentistry. This project, themed “Quakery in Dentistry”, and tagged along with the 26th MDA Scate 2019, is scheduled to be launched in KLCC on 19 January 2019. I urge all MDA members to fully support this noble and meaningful CSR project of MDA. Together we shall bring the level of awareness in the illegal Dentistry among the public to a greater height.


Dear esteemed members,

Generally the public holds the dental professionals in high esteem and respect. They entrust their oral health and well-being in our hands. This entrustment should be taken seriously by the profession, and should never be taken for granted and lightly.

In this day and age, modern dentistry has attained and reached new levels of excellence. However, the expectation our patients has on us remains the same. They expect us to treat them kind-heartedly with compassion, empathy, respect and without prejudice of race, religion, disability, social standing, and financial status. Besides the necessary training, knowledge, and expertise, we are expected to maintain the highest standards of dignity and intellectual integrity in our daily dental practice.

The provision of quality dental care to the public has emerged as one of the highest objectives for dental professionals. It is an obligation and perhaps a challenge for us the practitioners, to responsibly frame the different uses of technology into the profession while holding strong in principle the ethics and professional code of conduct in our practice of dentistry. We are therefore obliged to keep a good image of the profession, as the public image of the profession as a whole is also dependent on the impression created by each of us.

On this note, I would like to urge our esteemed members to always refer to the Malaysian Dental Council website for updated guidelines endorsed.

Before I pen off, I would like take this opportunity to wish all of you the best in oral health care. May you have a blessed and blissful Q4. I look forward to engaging you in the near future to continue the promotion of oral health.


Best regards,

Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Malaysian Dental Association


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