1st September 2020, Putrajaya. The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) is indeed honoured to be in attendance at the office Oral Health Program, Ministry of Health Malaysia for the courtesy visit to Yang Berusaha Dr Noormi Binti Othman, the Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia. This long awaited courtesy visit was very much delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak which was at its height during the earlier part of the year. Also present to receive the delegation from MDA were, Dr Leslie Sushil Kumar (Director of Oral Healthcare Division), Dr Mazlina Mat Desa (Director of Oral Health Regulation & Practice Division), Dr Sofiah Mat Ripen (Secretary of Malaysian Dental Council), Dr Salleh Zakaria (Deputy Director, Oral Health Promotion), Dr Haznita Zainal Abidin (Deputy Director, Legislation and Enforcement), Dr Azilina Abu Bakar (Deputy Director, Oral Health Professional Development), and Dr Nurul Syakirin (Senior Principal Assistant Director, OH Professional Development Section cum Appointed Council Member from Oral Health Program) and Dr Mustaffa Jaapar (Senior Principal Assistant Director cum Special Officer to Principal Director of Oral Health). The delegation from MDA were Dr Leong Kei Joe (President), Dr Neoh Ein Yau (Chairman, MDA Private Practitioners’ Section), Dr Muhammad Farid Nurdin (Chairman MDA SCODOS), Dr Goh Seong Lin (Elected Council Member), Col. Dr Hazudin Bin Hassan (Appointed Council Member from the Dental Services Malaysian Armed Forces), Dr Sharon Tay Hui Wen (Northern Zone Committee Member), Dr Chow Kai Foo (Assistant Honorary General Secretary), Dr Lim Chiew Wooi (President Elect), and Dr Tan Sock Hooi (Chairman MDA Northern Zone). With such good representation from both parties, MDA and Oral Health Program had a very fruitful discussion and sharing of knowledge and experiences. In principle, both parties agreed into exploring ways of collaboration in future dental conferences in 2021, oral health promotion (including World Oral Health Day 2021), and curbing of illegal dentistry in the nation. MDA and Oral health Program also discussed on issues related to PHFSA, CKAPS and setting up of private dental clinics and in principle, agreed that a town – hall meet with all relevant stakeholders is very much needed. Some of the aspects of the preparation was also discussed.