MDA Prihatin Voucher 2021, Subscription reminder


Salam sejahtera and happy new year! Greetings from MDA!  MDA understands that our members are affected by the pandemic and facing unprecedented challenging times. As a small gesture although insignificant in amount would like  to offer our ordinary member this MDA PRIHATIN VOUCHER 2021. This voucher  of RM200 is offered to all ordinary members who renew  their  2021 membership subscription on or  before 31st MARCH 2021. It can be used in all the activities organized by MDA and MDA zones. Terms and conditions as attached.

A gentle reminder to renew your membership subscription due on the 1st Jan  every year. Please log in to your membership details here to check your membership status:

A copy of the MDA constitution can be downloaded from here:

Please ignore this gentle reminder if you have already renewed your subscription or it’s not applicable.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

MDA Council