Membership Requirement Info

Ordinary members shall be Malaysian citizens registered in Division I of the Dental.

Register under the Laws of Malaysia Act 51 Dental Act 1971.


The following shall be eligible for Association Membership:

  1. Any person holding a dental qualification recognized by the Malaysian Dental Council, provided such person is not residing in Malaysia.
  2. Any non Malaysian citizen holding a dental qualification recognized by the Malaysian Dental Council provided such members are residing in Malaysia.
  3. Accredited members of foreign national Dental Associations whose Associations extend reciprocal membership to members of MDA.
  4. Members of the Allied Professions in Malaysia who contribute to the advancement of Dentistry.
  5. Have all privileges of Ordinary and Life Membership except to participate in all General meetings of the Association or to vote, nominate or hold office in the Association.


Life members shall be ordinary members of the Association upon application, having been members of the Association continuously for a minimum period of 20 years and who have attained the age of 60 years. Expulsion or resignation of membership shall be deemed as a break in continuity of membership.


    Student membership shall be opened to all Malaysian undergraduates in any University or University College Dental School in Malaysia.