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With the availability of Covid-19 vaccines and better precautionary measures, it is hoped that Covid-19 pandemic can be contained. The emergence of COVID-19 vaccines have given us hope of a possible lift in travel ban and that we may come out to gather and meet in person without much restrictions.

The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) sincerely hopes that in 2021, COVID-19 pandemic will be under control and once again, we may mix and mingle in conferences and social gatherings. However, most unfortunately, the reality is that the current situation is still very fluid with much uncertainties and the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down. Avoiding crowded places,wearing face mask and keeping a social distance have become the new norm which we have to embrace.

MDA takes note of this stressful situation and at the same time we have to satisfy our quest for knowledge and continuing professional development. Therefore, MDA wishes to announce that this edition of Malaysia International Dental Exhibition and Conference 2021(MIDEC 2021) will be held on a virtual platform. Barring from any Force Majeure and last minute unforeseenable circumstances, MIDEC 2021 will be held from 5th-8th August 2021 online and will extend all lectures for at least another 30 days on demand for delegates to go over and over again to achieve maximum learning benefits.

World renowned speakers will be invited to deliver top-notch lectures and conduct very much sought-after workshops, all in digital form. Please visit our MDA website and Facebook for more details on scientific programme and workshops.

On behalf of MDA MIDEC2021 organising committee, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you to the MIDEC2021.

Dr Lim Chiew Wooi
MDA MIDEC 2021 Organising Committee