4th June 2021

Dear fellow colleagues,

Greetings from Malaysian Dental Association.
The MCO 3.0 of our country is understandable, painful but necessary. However, it has brought to our attention by fellow private practitioners that approval letters, despite the fact that dental healthcare service is categorized under essential services, operation and permission to travel to work are needed to be applied from CIMS 3.0 through the MITI portal. In beginning of the lock down, we were under the impression that private dental healthcare services will continue to operate as usual and that a letter from the employer / work pass would be sufficient for travel to work, as what we went through in the previous MCOs. This was also reiterated by CKAPS on their posting as below:

Please visit this website from MITI for further information:


Some of us had indeed tried to register through the system mentioned above but without any success, most likely due to heavy congestion to their server. We had contacted MOH (through Director General of Health Malaysia) and MITI but we have yet to receive any news.

Hence, for the time being (while trying to gain access and approval from CMS 3.0 – if at all it is needed) our best advice, is that PIC of the private Dental Clinics need to prepare letters to all their staffs as proof of employment at the private Dental Clinics to allow them to travel to work. Additional supporting documents that may be useful include; work ID card (if available), copy of registration of the clinic, Kad Petugas Kesihatan (stamped and signed by the PIC) to be displayed at the car’s dashboard.

MDA will continue to monitor the situation and update from time to time. We also welcome verified information from members with regards to the current situation. I wish all of you the best of health always and to continuously stay safe. I trust that the sky will one day be bright again for all of us. Cheers. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Leong Kei Joe